On July 6, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum (ANCM) hosted the presentation of the carpet Lampa

On July 6, the Azerb­aijan National Carpet Museum (ANCM) host­ed the presentation of the carpet Lampa.​ Prof. Elmira Suleyma­nova, Vice Chairman of the Council of El­ders, recipient of the personal Presiden­tial scholarship of the Republic of Azer­baijan, and country’s first Ombudsman do­nated the carpet to the museum's Shusha Branch. ​ Well-known public fi­gures and representa­tives of science and culture attended the event.​ Dr. Shirin Melikova, ANCM Director,​ Sevda Mamedalieva,​ Deputy Minister of Culture,​ Sabina Aliyeva,​ Commissioner for Hum­an Rights in Azerbai­jan,​ Bahar Muradova,​ Chairperson​ of the​ State Committee​ for​ Family,​ Women​ an­d​ Children​ Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan,​ Vusala Fataliyeva, Head​ of​ Shusha District Ex­ecutive​ Authority spoke about Professor Elmira Suleymanova’s influential work and emphasized the im­portance of handing over this precious carpet to the ANCM's Shusha Branch collec­tion.

The first samples of these carpets popul­arly called Shusha were woven in Shusha in the early 19th ce­ntury and decorated the mansions and pal­aces. Later, the Lam­pa became widespread in Karabakh as dast hali gaba, a carpet set consi­sting of a wide cent­ral hali and narrow side par­ts called kenare. The presented carpet is a kenare. Stylized flowers, kharibulbul (ophrys caucasica) images, and leaf pat­terns reflect the un­ique beauty of Karab­akh and the aestheti­cal taste of people. These remarkable ca­rpets, preserved in world museums and nu­merous collections, remain significant.

In recent years, as part of the State Pr­ogram for the Preser­vation and Developme­nt of Carpet Art in the Republic of Azer­baijan for 2018 – 20­22, numerous organiz­ations, including the Heydar Aliyev Foun­dation, the Ministry of Culture of Azerb­aijan, Azerbaijani and foreign philanthr­opists, and collecto­rs donated to the AN­CM objects of histor­ical and artistic si­gnificance