Exhibition Motherland of Mine is held at the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

On January 30, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum held the opening ceremony of the private exhibition Motherland of Mine by Adil Shikhaliyev, Honoured Artist and tapestry master. The exhibition, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist’s creativity, displays up to 30 tapestries. Letter from Karabakh, The Path to Victory, Shusha (triptych), Motherland of Mine, Wedding in Shusha, the portrait tapestry Heydar Aliyev, dedicated to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the tapestry Moving, enriched with the national ornaments and many other works, highlighting the historical moments from the life of the country, narrate about both past and recent events. The visitors are getting acquainted with the various tapestries based on the motifs of Absheron-they occupy a significant part of the artist’s works. These are Pomegranate Garden, Mossy Stones, Absheron, Goldfish, and some other works depicting the real and mythical animals, flowers and trees.

The visitors are discovering the fascinating creative world of the artist engaged in many domestic and foreign exhibitions. Amazing works such as Land of Fire and Autumn Flowers, where he used the features of the tapestry techniques to the maximum, has been created by Adil Shikhaliyev.

Not only the tapestries, but also the source of the artist’s inspiration, such as the dyed yarns and plants he used to dye them, are on display.

The exhibition will be on until March 6.