ANCM Held the Azerbaijani Youth Day

The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum held the Open Day and exhibition-fair Artists Without Borders displaying handmade items made by young men with disabilities.

The series of events dedicated to the Azerbaijani Youth Day, celebrated on February 2, were organised jointly by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, the Social Services Agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population and the Child Development Centre.

The Open Day, intended to make effective leisure time for youth and familiarise them with the country's rich cultural heritage through museums, covered the Azerbaijani citizens aged 14-29.

Artworks representing different fields of the applied art made by 20 artists – members of the Profession-Labour Rehabilitation Centre for Persons with Disabilities of the Social Services Agency, were presented and sold at the exhibition-fair. The exhibition-fair aiming to promote, support and bring social attention to the talent and skills of young men and integrate them into society.

The event also included a concert by the teachers and students of the Humanitarian College of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.