Carpet products

The “Carpet products” collection consists of 1663 items from the 19th and 20th centuries. Lightweight and comfortable carpet products were an integral part of cattle-breeding life. Everything had a utilitarian purpose. Therefore, chuval (a big carpet bag) was used to storage and transport of grain, while gashigdan (a carpet bag) hold spoons and rolling pins. The treasury also stores various carpet items, without which it is impossible to imagine the life of our ancestors: heyba (small valise); khurjun (valise consisting of two parts); gashlig (small valise attached to a saddle); mafrash (rectangular carpet valise for the storage and transport of bedding and clothing); sijim (a thick rope for banding load); orkan (a narrow rope for fixing load); balishuzu (pillowcase); sufra (tablecloth); duz torbasi (bag for salt); jorab (woolen socks); jahaz (headdress for a camel); yaharustu (rug used on a saddle); chatan (mat); kecha (felt); lama gabaghi (patterned curtain that separates the living room from the kitchen in alachig (a tent)); and asmalig (decoration for a camel).