The carpet that was in captivity

The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum’s Pile Carpets Collection houses the Bakhchadagulyar carpet of the Karabakh type, which has a very unusual history.

In February 2017, US citizen Elshad Tahirov, an ethnic Azerbaijani, saw a carpet on the virtual art auction website that attracted his attention. It should be noted that Elshad Tahirov, who lives in Los Angeles, interested in collecting Azerbaijani carpets and books about Latif Karimov (an outstanding scientist and carpet weaver, the founder of the science of Azerbaijan Carpet Weaving Art). Thus, he often searches the network for interesting works and publications.

The carpet’s inscription read as follows: “Ancient Armenia. Karabakh Carpet”, despite the fact that this carpet was obviously Azerbaijani. An Azerbaijani inscription in Cyrillic stating “January 1, 1971, a gift to Sarvar on his birthday, from his mother for a keepsake”, weaved in its pattern perfectly proved this fact. It became clear that this carpet was exported from Azerbaijan by Armenian invaders.

And now, a quarter of a century later, Elshad Tahirov bought this carpet at the auction and donated it to the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum in May 2017. The patron expected to find the owner of the carpet, however, the searches have not yielded results, and the carpet was donated to the museum. It should be noted that this is the first carpet, which rescued from Armenian invaders and many years later returned to its homeland.