Exhibition Patchwork World of Khalida Nasirova at the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

The exhibition Patchwork World of Khalida Nasirova opens on Wednesday, June 29! The solo retrospective exhibition by Khalida Nasirova, who has been engaged in this art for more than thirty years, displays about forty different samples of patchwork. These include her author works and the early 20th-century objects donated to the artist.

Khalida Nasirova is one of the few female artists, who continue this artistic tradition and bring it to life with her unique style. Most of the artist’s compositions decorate various covers, pillowcases, tablecloths, and mosaic panels. She is also the author of aragchins (traditional caps), vests, and souvenir bolsters. At first, the artist used mainly silk in her compositions. Later she expanded her creativity by selecting various types of fabrics. Her intricate and richly patterned compositions, mostly in an abstract style, created without a sketch, focus on history, art, religion, and love. Buta, eye images, squares, triangles, various geometric patterns, architectural drawings, and other ornaments and drawings dominate the artist’s works.

Eurovision 2012, Secrets of the Old City developed of more than a hundred ties, composition Help calling people to protect ancient monuments, and many other compositions reflect the artist’s unique pursuits. The transition of Khalida Nasirova, a chemist by profession, to the art of patchwork is symbolic. To express the emotions and feelings that arose in her heart during the days of the tragedy of January 20, 1990, she developed a composition My Friends designed of 3330 pieces.

The museum will organize master classes, lectures, and guided tours within the exhibition.The exhibition runs until September 10, 2022.