3rd Floor of the Exposition

The exposition’s 3rd floor illustrates the development of Azerbaijani carpet in the 19th and 20th centuries. On view are the activities of the company Azerkhalcha and its important achievements in the development of the art of carpet making.

This section of the exposition also relates the history of the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, and the attention and care that our country gives to this ancient craft. Furthermore, it provides information about the inclusion of Azerbaijani carpet art to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Most of the exhibits on this floor show the activity of professional artists from the 20th to the early 21st century, who elevated carpet weaving to new heights. Chief among them is Latif Karimov, founder of the science of carpet weaving, People’s Artist, laureate of the State Prize, and a prominent carpet artist. The exhibition reveals the excellence of his sketches and creative compositions.

This floor extensively covers the life and work of the national artist Kamil Aliyev, and his exceptional achievements in the development of carpet art. You will also discover contemporary carpets that E. Mikailzade, L. Garayeva, E. Hashimov, and other carpet artists created.

A separate section displays carpets woven on the basis of paintings by the famous artist Tahir Salahov.

A Children’s Museum inhabits the 3rd floor, with activities that introduce the younger generation to the wonderful world of carpet art.

The exposition’s finale showcases the carpets, carpet products, and traditional costumes from the Shusha branch of the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum. The branch was founded in 1987 and located in Shusha, in the family mansion of the Mehmandarovs. In 1992, during the occupation of Shusha by Armenian troops, museum staff and residents risked their lives to save part of the branch’s exposition, which is now carefully preserved in the museum.