• Color by Yourself (Ages 4-12)

    During the game, participants are given sheets of paper with drawn examples of decorative applied art. Then, they color these previously drawn examples and get information about all of them.

  • Child of Generation (Ages 10-16)

    During the program, participants take a photo of one exhibit displayed at the exposition and then they prepare reports on that exhibit by gathering information about it at the museum (via library or with help of the museum specialists).

  • Carpet Puzzles (Ages 8-15)

    During the game, a group of 5 children creates a carpet by solving the puzzle on the basis of the carpet’s photo.

  • Create Your Own Carpet (Ages 7-13)

    Participants create their own carpet on computer program by using carpet patterns.

  • We Learn To Weave Carpets!(Ages 9-16)

    During the program, participants are taught to weave a carpet on the basis of carpet sketch. Here, the participants get detailed information about techniques of carpet weaving.