The winners of the 2022 Humay National Prize founded by the "Baku" International Cultural Society and the Humay National Prize Academy have been revealed.  

The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum (ANCM) received the prize for its successful and large-scale activity, and the important role it plays in the cultural life of our country. The museum regularly enriches its collections, organizes projects to develop carpet weaving art, revive ancient carpet weaving techniques, and create artworks of world significance. It cooperates closely with many foreign museums and influential international organizations. The museum also regularly organizes exhibitions and scientific conferences. It attracts visitors of all ages, without exception, including visitors with disabilities.

Notably, the ANCM received a nomination for the 2018 European Museum of the Year Award and earned a certificate for its noteworthy achievements in elevating the quality of the public’s museum experience. For the third straight year, the Carpet Museum has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

The Humay National Prize is another indicator of the museum's successful activity. The award was presented to the Director Dr. Shirin Melikova.