Celebrity Virtual Tour filmed in the museum

Save the date December 15 at 19:00.

The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum invites you to Nizami Cinema to watch the Celebrity Virtual Tour filmed in the museum. Well-known media and art representatives are going to take us on a virtual tour around the museum space and narrate the museum’s history, samples of national cultural heritage, and interesting traditions associated with them. Famous TV presenters Dilara Salim, Emil Shahzada, Leyla Guliyeva, Konul Arifgizi, Deniz Tajeddin, Fariz Ilyasov, Tural Asadov, Shabnam Turan, and Honored Artists Nargiz Karimova and Oleg Amirbayov will be our guides in this journey.

Celebrity Virtual Tour offers Azerbaijani Sign Language, which is significant for adopting an inclusive attitude throughout the country’s museum sector.

Written by Dr Shirin Melikova, Director of the ANCM, Honored Worker of CultureDirected by Mubariz Nagiyev

Free admission